Landlord Responsibilities

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Electrical Responsibilities


Legal requirements:


  • Electrical installations in the property must be safe and maintained before and during the tenancy.
  • Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) must have periodic inspections every five years.
  • Non-HMOs aren’t legally obliged to have 5-yearly inspections, however a periodic inspection at least every five years is advisable.
  • Any appliances provided must be safe and have the CE marking as a minimum, to indicate they meet all the requirements of European law


Recommended actions:


  • That a visual inspection of the property on changes of tenants
  • Making sure that your property has adequate RCD protection
  • Using a registered electrician for any work on your property
  • Carrying out regular safety checks on the electrical appliances provided as part of the rental agreement


Gas and Heating Responsibilities


Landlords have a responsibility to ensure all gas appliances, fittings, chimneys and flues are safe and working efficiently. Landlord obligations include; gas safety checks, gas safety records, and maintenance of gas pipework, appliances, chimneys and flues


1. Gas safety checks

All gas appliances and flues must have an annual gas safety check – and always by a Gas Safe registered engineer. On completion a Landlord Gas Safety Record or Gas Safety certificate is created, this may also be referred to as a CP12 certificate. This is important because failing to carry out checks can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, gas leaks, fires and explosions. It’s very important to hire a Gas Safe registered engineer to perform the necessary inspections to ensure the safety of the property. 


2. Gas Safety Record

When the annual gas safety check is complete, you will receive the Landlord Gas Safety Record. This is important as you will need to provide a record of for the tenants within 28 days of the gas safety check. When new tenants are moving into the property, this needs to be provided at the beginning of their tenancy. You will need to keep a copy of this record for at least two years as proof of compliance. If you rent out your property for shorter periods of fewer than 28 days, the record needs to be clearly visible within the building. 


3. Maintenance

It is the responsibility of the Landlord to ensure that all gas pipework, appliances, chimneys and flues are in good condition. Unless specified otherwise in the manufacturers, we recommend an annual service. Installation pipework is not normally covered in the annual gas safety check, however you can ask your Magna-IM engineer to test the whole gas system..