Gas Safety Checks

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What are Gas Safety Checks?


A gas safety check should only be performed by a Gas Safe registered engineer to ensure your appliances are safe to use.


The check involves: 

  • Checking the settings are correct and the gas burns safely
  • Ensuring the appliance is in a safe room
  • Testing that the fixtures are secure and everything is correctly connected to the gas pipework
  • Checking the air supply 
  • Making sure the safety devices are working
  • Checking the flues, chimneys and air vents 

If you have a full gas safety check, in which the engineer will also:

  • Check the condition of the pipework
  • Test the gas pipework for leaks

CO can enter buildings through shared vents, so if you do live in a property with a shared flue or chimney, be sure to share responsibility with other residents to get these checked out annually.




Gas Safety Certificates


On completion of a gas safety check the engineer will provide a Gas Safety Certificate, this is a legal requirement for the Landlord Gas Safety Record. The document includes information regarding the checks the engineer has carried out and if the appliances checked met the safety standards.


The record will include:

  • A description and the location of each appliance/flue that has been checked
  • Engineer name, registration number and signature 
  • The date of the checks 
  • The address of the property
  • Customer/Agent name and address
  • Any safety defects and required actions 
  • The results of all operational safety checks carried out on the appliances




See the advice from Gas Safe to keep your home safe