Energy Saving

Thinking about solar panels? Considering air source or ground source heating? Realising that LED lighting could save you money?


Energy saving adjustments to a property are fast becoming a must have. The move towards a greener style of living is often rewarded with lower utility bills in the long run.

LED Lighting
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LED Lighting


One of the biggest energy eaters in your premises is lighting, whether in your office, your warehouse or the exterior of your building. This applies to older florescent lighting and incandescent lighting. In many cases, these types of lamps result in poorly lit areas which have a detrimental effect on your bottom line with the need for additional plug-in fittings.

Installing LEDs incorporating timers, daylight, or motion sensors capabilities could help bring down the running cost exponentially. You could save up to £7,000* or more over time.

Here is a full usage and cost breakdown that shows the savings that we were able to bring to our recent customer’s warehouse.

Example of Cost Savings*