Worcester Bosch Safe in your Home Installer Commitment

Worcester Bosch have launched a new plan to support engineers and homeowners. During Coronavirus, Magna have been taking extra steps and following advice to keep our engineers and customers safe. The Worcester Bosch Safe in your Home Installer Commitment recognises suppliers who are working to the highest standards.

By signing up, Magna IM have agreed to follow best practice safety measures at all times. This means we will take all precautions necessary whilst carrying out installations and maintenance in your home.

The Worcester Bosch Safe in your Home Installer Commitment intends to do two things:

  • Give clarity on the correct social distancing and safety guidelines when entering customers’ homes
  • Offer customers reassurance that any visiting installer who has signed up to the commitment will have the knowledge and tools to keep you safe


The new tools have been designed by Worcester Bosch to help us carry out work in people’s homes safely. It shows that safety is the main focus for any boiler related visit, particularly during these uncertain times.

The first step is to work out if a home visit is needed. For example, could the issue be resolved over the phone or with a video call.

If a visit to the home is needed, then we will follow steps to ensure our customers and engineers are safe. These include:

  • Speak to the customer in advance – is anyone shielding or vulnerable?
  • Prepare for the visit – clear the area to be worked in and open all doors to limit contact with surfaces
  • Do not shake hands
  • Keep a 2 metre distance at all times
  • If possible, ask all household members to stay in another room
  • Contactless payments and telephone payments where possible.

Worcester Bosch Safe in your Handd