It takes two…

Our property refurbishment team have been busy working in partnership with Homemaker Properties on their latest project.  Together they transform properties into HMO’s (Houses of Multiple Occupancy) for landlords to rent individual rooms to tenants.

Homemaker Properties contacted us about this project last month and after a successful pitch we secured the work. The property in question is in the heart of the Coventry suburb of Earlsdon.

Bought as a run down three bedroom house, the owner had great visions for it. The plan was to convert it into a five bedroom, three en suite HMO. This will be an attractive property for the local student population of Coventry. Renovations of this type are second nature to us having completed multiple such projects in the past.

We caught up with our property refurbishment team during the project to see how work was coming along. It was clear to see when we arrived just how big the project was by the number of tradesmen on site.

The refurbishment involved all areas of our property installation and maintenance team. Therefore our electricians, plumbers and gas engineers have been involved to modernise the property’s appliances and ensure everything meets relevant regulations. The properties décor will have a full overhaul too with decoration, new carpets, new window furnishings etc.

Anthony from Homemaker Properties talks more about the work we have done in this video. Watch to see the progress for yourself. 

We will have more updates soon, so watch this space.