Taking the strain away

We all know what it’s like when one boiler needs replacing, but imagine the pain when you have two!

That was the situation for The Cloisters Physiotherapy clinic based in an old stable in Leamington Spa.

Being an old stable, you can see a large gym area that would have once held the carriages. Having had their existing boilers since 1989 it was time for something new.

Karen Smith, the owner of the business, remarks on the heating issues they had.

We spent part of the winter having to use portable heaters, which meant you were never the right temperature. You were either too hot or cold!

The Cloisters boiler installation

To avoid disruption to clients, they needed a boiler installation team that would work over the weekend.

I knew we’d pay a premium for a team working at the weekend. I just wanted it to be reasonably priced, something that wasn’t silly.

Magna IM quoted for installation of one Worcester Bosch boiler that would replace the job of two. In addition, some carpentry work was needed to make it look clean and disguised.

With the price agreed and the team working at the weekend to ensure minimum disruption, our qualified plumbers worked to install the Worcester unit.

The Magna IM guys were clean and tidy, they were efficient and got the job done.

Karen even mentioned one our guys by name and his fantastic handiwork;

Ryan, Magna’s handyman, was able to build a unit that went with the décor of the room, as it was in the waiting area.

The boiler has been replaced and the boxed in unit completed. Karen and the team are very happy with the installation so are ready for the winter ahead.

If you need a boiler installed or serviced, then visit our Heating section or call 01926 419922.

The Cloisters Clinic