Learning on the job at Magna IM

With one third of England’s 16 -19-year-old having low basic skills and only 10,000 people starting a degree level apprenticeship compared to 300,000 taking on a university degree (1), the need for apprenticeships is strikingly clear.

We find this is important at Magna IM and therefore we have several apprentices working alongside our experienced engineers in all areas of the company, from plumbers & electricians.

‘We’re proud to bring apprentices to our team and ensure we help introduce and train a new blood into our vibrant engineering team.’ Paul Truscott, Operations Manager, Heating and Plumbing.

Learning one day a week at a local college and the other days of the week learning on the job at Magna IM, we offer apprentices a varied start, ensuring they are exposed to all trades areas so they understand what they want to go into and what they are good at.

Meet Ranjit

Ranjit has been with Magna for over a year and enjoys the challenges that come every week. A little older than your average apprentice, he towers over some of our own engineers even.

Learning the trade of plumbing four days a week with Magna and attending at Evesham College one day a week he can cover all bases to get him ready for full-time work.

We caught with him whilst helping to install a new boiler in a listed building. The boiler was cast iron and a difficult job to remove and replace.

With two more years to go he’s finding it a great start compared to his peers.

Meet Jack

Working alongside his dad, Jack picked up the electrician apprenticeship as it runs in the family. And does learning the trade from your Dad make it better or worse;


‘It actually makes it better; he’s quite laid back and we work well together actually. I wanted to follow in the footsteps of my Dad.’

Jack does his apprenticeship a little different, going to Birmingham Electrical Training College, instead of once a week, he goes for a fortnight every so often, meaning he’s out on the job more often.

‘I prefer to be out and about on the job, learning as I go and getting my hands dirty along the process.’

And of course, to every job and trade you learn we all have a favourite part;

‘I like working on a project with a team, helping to come up with solutions to problems that may occur but the job.’

Jack has been in the apprenticeship for over a year now, with a few years left.

Meet Ronan

Meet Ronan

Finally, our newest apprentice, of only a few weeks is Ronan, another electrician in the waiting. Working alongside our electrician Thomasz he is learning the ropes to qualify for the electrician and will be starting his college work shortly

Wanting to go into automotive industry but seeing the fantastic opportunities in electrician trade, as the drive to more efficient electrical devices heats up, learning the foundations of this would be helpful going forward.

We caught him working at a church in Warwick with a couple of other engineers to help install radiators and the electrics that come with this.

‘Learning on the job rather than completely in a classroom, you learn so much more, so quickly, it’s like being put in the deep end but you have the help of fellow engineers that have been there before.’

To become an apprentice with Magna IM, go to our apprentice page and register your interest.

If you’re looking for any other role, go to our careers page.

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